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Hi there! 👋 Thanks for checking out this page. If it is okay with you, please read a little longer.

📖 My Story

In 2017, I was an ordinary adult who love programming as a hobby. I never thought of pursuing a career in tech, nor did I think I can ever make it in the industry as a programmer.

Self-learning journey

2020 was a big hit for all of us. I graduated in the same year and thought of pursuing a master's degree but because of the pandemic I was at home and then I started learning more about tech and programming. Though I was familiar with CS concepts and programming in C/C++ etc, never experience a real passion for programming before. When I started learning from myself I found that I'm really passionate about tech and programming. First I started learning python then I got interested in web development and then learned JavaScript. JavaScript changed my life. In March 2021, I landed my first tech job.

Professional Journey

I began my IT career as a Software Engineer at HCL Technologies. Within one month of joining, I got the project for the DevOps role and I was really excited about it. Before I was well familiar with DevOps word and also I wanted to learn it but the problem was I didn't find any best way to know how these DevOps workflows work in an actual real-world environment. How scalable, reliable applications are deployed and managed. When I was onboarded to the DevOps Project I started learning technologies(required for the project) like Google Cloud, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, and GitHub Actions. When I started working I realized what I was missing in learning DevOps by myself, it was "learn by doing". And then day by day I became more skilled in DevOps technologies and the Google Cloud Platform.

Open-source journey

On the other side, I always will contribute to open-source projects. I've published multiple open source projects including GcloudAct (A terraform module to automate the deployment and hosting process of your own runners on Google cloud to run jobs in your GitHub Actions workflows.), NosonDB (A JavaScript package for using JSON files as a database).

🔥 Wow! Still here?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this long page.

I started writing on this blog in Nov 2022 and I'm creating video educational content on youtube since Jan 2022. As you know, it takes a lot of concentration, discipline, time management, and hard work; so your support would mean a lot to me, as it tells me that I am on the right track.

If you are willing to support my blog, youtube channel and its mission, please consider sponsoring me or buy me a cup of coffee~

Also, please feel free to reach out or connect via Twitter or Github.

Stay safe and stay tuned for my next articles! Cheers!

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